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Michael, Jack

(1926 - )


Primary Areas of Study


Application of the principles of operant conditioning (applied behavior analysis)

     (in the fields of rehabilitation, education, counseling, nursing, other health-care professions)




Personal & Professional Web site


Click here for a link to Jack Michael's presentation on the Important Developments in Behavior Analysis from 1980-2005.


Selected Papers


Morris, E. K.Baer, D. M.Favell, J. E.Glenn, S. S.Hineline, P. N.Malott, M. E., & Michael, J. (2001). Some reflections on 25 years of The Association for Behavior Analysis: Past, present, and future. The Behavior Analyst, 24(2), 125-146. (online here


Selected Books




An interview with Jack Michael





Jack Micheal ABA '80.mp3



Brian Iwata 

Taught the experimental analysis of behavior to high school students in a summer program at Grinnell College for a number of years.


Intellectual Ancestry

University of California - Los Angeles (1949, 1952, and 1955)




Additional Information


Behavior Analysis History Chart - Michael, J. (1993). Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis. Kalamazoo, MI: Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis. - This chart is reprinted with permission from the Association for Behavior Analysis International (publisher)



Awards and Honors


Jan. 1972 - Received the Distinguished Contributions to Education in Psychology Award from the American Psychological Foundation (part of the American Psychological Association.