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Baer, Donald (redirected from Baer, Donald)

Donald (Don) M. Baer

(1931- 2002)


Primary Areas of Study


Behavior Theory

Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Childhood Interventions




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Selected Papers


Baer, D.M. (1960). Escape and avoidance response of preschool children to two schedules of reinforcement withdrawal. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 3, 155-159. (available online here)


Baer, D. M. (1961). The effect withdrawal of positive reinforcement on an extinguishing response in young children. Child Development, 32, 67-74. 


Baer, D. M., Wolf, M. M., & Risley, T. R. (1968). Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1, 91-97. (available online here)


Baer, D. M., Wolf, M. M., & Risley, T. R. (1987). Some still-current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 20, 313-327. (available online here)


Morris, E. K., Baer, D. M., Favell, J. E., Glenn, S. S., Hineline, P. N., Malott, M. E., & Michael, J. (2001). Some reflections on 25 years of The Association for Behavior Analysis: Past, present, and future. The Behavior Analyst, 24(2), 125-146. (available online here)


Stokes, T. F. & Baer, D. M. (1977). An implicit technology of generalization. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 10, 349-367. (available online here)


Selected Books






Jesús Rosales-Ruiz


Intellectual Ancestry


Doctoral student of Jacob L. Gewirtz (?-1957) at the University of Chicago

Worked with Sidney Bijou at the University of Washington


Additional Information

Audio file of Jesus Ruiz-Rosales talking about working with Donald Baer.  

Wikipedia page