behavioranalysishistory / Matos, Maria Amelia
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Matos, Maria Amelia (redirected from Mattos, Maria Amelia)

Maria Amelia Matos

(1939- 2005)


Primary Areas of Study


Conceptual issues in Behavior Analysis


Experimental Analysis of Behavior

     Aversive control

     Stimulus control

     Verbal behavior

     Rule governed behavior



Teaching of Behavior Analysis




Tomanari, G. Y. (2006). We lost a leader: Maria Amelia Matos (1939-2005), The Behavior Analyst, 29, 109-112. (available online here)


Selected Papers


Matos M. A., Hübner M. M. Equivalence relations and reading. In: Hayes S.C, Hayes L.J, editors. Understanding verbal relations. Reno, NV: Context Press; 1992. pp. 83–94.


Selected Books


Matos M. A., Tomanari G. Y. A análise do comportamento no laboratório didático [The analysis of behavior in the learning laboratory]. São Paulo: Manole; 2002.






Intellectual Ancestry


Keller, F. S.& Schoenfeld, W. - Supervisors as a graduate student.

Bori, C. - Teacher as undergrad


Additional Information