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Risley, Todd

Todd R. Risley

(September 8, 1937 - November 2, 2007)



Primary Areas of Study





Selected Papers

Baer, D. M.Wolf, M. M., & Risley, T. R. (1968). Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1, 91-97. (online here)


Baer, D. M.Wolf, M. M., & Risley, T. R. (1987). Some still-current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 20, 313-327. (online here)


Cataldo, M. F. (2008). Todd R. Risley: A man who didn't like counting angels. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41, 1-5. (online here)


Sherman, J. A. (2008). Todd R. Risley: Friend, colleague, visionary. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41, 7-10. (online here)


Selected Books

Hart, B., & Risley, T.R. (1995).  Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children.  Brookes Publishing.







Intellectual Ancestry


Additional Information

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