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Dillenburger, Karola

Karola Dillenburger



Primary Areas of Study:

Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism, Parenting and parent training, Bereavement, Trauma, Victimology


Links  United Kingdom



Behaviour analysis: A primer (2013  3rd Edition)


Selected Papers

85.  Kelly, M.P., Martin, N., Dillenburger, K., Kelly, A., & Miller, M. M. (2018). Spreading the news: History, successes, challenges and the ethics of effective dissemination.Behavior Analysis in Practice 

84.  Stein, S. Kohut, T., & Dillenburger, K. (2017). The importance of sexuality education for children with and without intellectual disabilities: What parents think. Sexuality and Disability

83.  Yakkundi, A., Dillenburger, K., & Goodman, L., & Dounavi, K. (2017). User centred reading intervention for individuals with autism and intellectual disability. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 242, 249-256.

82.  Politis, Y., Robb, N., Yakkundi, A., Dillenburger, K., Herbertson, N., Charlesworth, B., Goodman, L. (2017). People with disabilities leading the design of Serious Games and Virtual Worlds.International Journal of Serious Games(Special ICEC 2016 issue)

81.  Dillenburger, K., Jordan, J.A., & McKerr, L., Schubotz, D, & Lloyd, K (2017) Autism awareness, knowledge, and attitudes in the general population of children and young people. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research,61 (8), 766–777.DOI 10.1111/jir.12389 

80.  Liao, Y. Dillenburger, K. & Buchanan, I. (2017) Does culture matter in ABA-based autism interventions? Parent and professional experiences in the UK and China. European Journal of Behaviour AnalysisDOI: 10.1080/15021149.2017.1399657

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72.  Dillenburger, K., Jordan, J.A., McKerr, L. (2015) Autism awareness, knowledge, and attitudes in the general population of children and young people. ARK Research Update No 97.

72.  Ruddy, L., Booth, N., Gaw, M-R., Liao, Y., Dounavi, K. & Dillenburger, K. (2015) Autism in the Air: Using point-of-view video-priming and natural environment teaching to help children with autism and their families go on holidays. Good Autism Practice, 16, 25-32.

71.Dillenburger, K., Jordan, J.A., McKerr, L., & Keenan, M. (2015). The Millennium child with autism: Early childhood trajectories for health, education, and economic wellbeing. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 18, 37-46.

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69.  Keenan, M. & Dillenburger, K. Röttgers, H-R., Dounavi, K., Jónsdóttir, S.L., Moderato, P., Schenk, J.A.M., Virués-Ortega, J., Roll-Pettersson, L. (2014). Autism and ABA: The gulf between North America and Europe. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2, 167-183


Selected Books


Dillenburger, K., Matuska, E., de Bruijn, M., Röttgers, H-R. (forthcoming Feb. 2019) Job Coaches for persons with disabilities: A practical guide. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 


Dillenburger, K., Keenan, M., & Gallagher (2015). A seat at the table: Families affectedby Autism. Amazon Kindle Publication.


McDaniel, B. & Dillenburger, K (2014) Child Neglect and Behavioural Parent Education: Research and Practice.Russell House. 


Keenan, M. & Dillenburger, K. (2012). Behaviour Analysis: A Primer. ibook on itunes; 


Keenan, M., Henderson, M., Kerr, K.P., & Dillenburger, K. (Eds.) (2005). Applied behaviour analysis and autism: Building a future together. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (ISBN: 9781843103103)


Keenan, M., Kerr, K.J., & Dillenburger, K. (Eds.) (2000). Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists. Applied behaviour analysis in context. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (ISBN-1-85302-778-2)

Translation into Japanese (2005) JIHEISYO-JI NO OYA WO RYOIKUSYA NI SURU KYOIKU OUYOUKOUDOUBUNSEKIGAKU NIYORU EIKOKU NO JISSEN TO SEIKA (edited by N. Shimizu, Toyo University, Tokyo, S. Isawa, A. Kamei, K. Nishinaga, & N. Yamagashi. Publisher: Nihei-sha Co, Ltd, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 558-0023 JAPAN. ISBN: 4-86108-027-4 C3037

Translation into Hindi (expected 2012)

Translation into German (expected 2012) 


Dillenburger, K., O'Reilly, Mark & Keenan,M. (Eds.) (1997). Advances in Behaviour Analysis. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. (ISBN-1-900621-08-8)


O'Hagan, K. & Dillenburger, K. (1995). The abuse of women within childcare work. Buckingham: Open University Press. (ISBN-0-335-19260-2)


Dillenburger, K. (1992). Violent bereavement: Widows in Northern Ireland.  Avebury.  Ashgate Publishing Company. (ISBN-1-85628-300-3)







Intellectual Ancestry

PhD 1991 University of Ulster

BACB-D 2006


Additional Information

Editorial Board               European Journal of Behavior Analysis (2006- present)

Editorial Board              Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability (2007- present).