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Keenan, Michael

Michael Keenan

(*13.10.1954 )


Primary Areas of Study








Evidence Based Practice and Autism: A Political Minefield Part 1

Evidence Based Practice and Autism: A Political Minefield Part 2

Evidence Based Practice and Autism: A Political Minefield Part 3



Behaviour analysis: A primer (2013  3rd Edition)


Selected Papers

Keenan, M. & Dillenburger_K , (2011). If all you have is a hammer …RCTs and hegemony in science. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 5, 1-13


Dillenburger, K., Keenan, M., Doherty, A., Byrne, J., & Gallagher, S. (2011). ABA-based programmes for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parental and professional experiences at school and at home. Child and Family Behavior Therapy.


Keenan, M. Dillenburger, K., Moderato, P., & Röttgers, H-R. (2010) Science for sale in a free market economy: But at what price? ABA and the treatment of autism in Europe. Behavior and Social Issues, 19, 124-141.


Bones, R., Keenan, M., Askin, D., Adams, L., Taylor, D., Nicholas, O. (2001). The effects of response topography on functional equivalence class formation. The Psychological Record, 51, 89-110. (available online here


Watt, A., Keenan, M., Barnes, D., & Cairns, E. (1991). Social categorization and stimulus equivalence. The Psychological Record, 41, 33-50. (available online here


Keenan, M. (1996). Teaching about private events in the classroom. Behavior and Social Issues, 6(2), 75-84. (available online here



Selected Books

Nikopoulos, C.K., & Keenan, M. (2006). Video modelling and behaviour analysis; a guide for teaching social skills to children with autism.London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Keenan, M., Henderson, M., Kerr, K.P., & Dillenburger, K. (Eds.) (2005). Applied behaviour analysis and autism: Building a future together. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (ISBN: 9781843103103)


Keenan, M., Kerr, K.J., & Dillenburger, K. (Eds.) (2000). Parents’ Education as Autism TherapistsApplied behaviour analysis in context. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (ISBN-1-85302-778-2)

Translation into Japanese (2005) JIHEISYO-JI NO OYA WO RYOIKUSYA NI SURU KYOIKU OUYOUKOUDOUBUNSEKIGAKU NIYORU EIKOKU NO JISSEN TO SEIKA (edited by N. Shimizu, Toyo University, Tokyo, S. Isawa, A. Kamei, K. Nishinaga, & N. Yamagashi. Publisher: Nihei-sha Co, Ltd, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 558-0023 JAPAN. ISBN: 4-86108-027-4 C3037

Translation into Hindi (expected 2012)

Translation into German (expected 2012)


Dillenburger, K., O'Reilly, Mark & Keenan,M. (Eds.) (1997). Advances in Behaviour Analysis. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. (ISBN-1-900621-08-8)





Founder of Charity Parents Education as Autism Therapists


Intellectual Ancestry

PhD 1985 New University of Ulster


Additional Information

Awards received include: