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Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)

Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)


Past Presidents 


(1976-1977) Nathan Azrin


(1977-1978) Israel Goldiamond


(1978-1979) Sidney Bijou


(1979-1980) Jack Michael - Flight from Behavior Analysis 


(1980-1981) Donald Baer - A Flight of Behavior Analysis


(1981-1982) Beth Sulzer-Azaroff


(1982-1983) A. Charles Catania


(1983-1984) Don F. Hake


(1984-1985) Ellen Reese - Behavioral Analysis: Past, Present and Accountable


(1985-1986) Ogden Lindsley - Quantified Trends in the Results of Behavior Analysis


(1986-1987) Henry S. Pennypacker - The Challenge of Technology Transfer: Buying in without Selling out 


(1987-1988) Barbara Etzel - Applied Behavior Analysis’ Roots for 2000


(1988-1989) Brian Iwata - Development and Adoption of Controversial Default Technologies 


(1989-1990) Julie Vargas - The Road Less Travelled By 


(1990-1991) Philip Hineline - Priorities and Strategies for This New Decade


(1991-1992) Edward Morris - The Aim, Progress, and Evolution of Behavior Analysis


(1992-1993) Judith E. Favell - Changing Behavior: Perspectives from the Past, Prospects for the Future


(1993-1994) Sigrid S. Glenn - Windows on the 21st Century 


(1994-1995) Kennon Lattal - Contingency in Behavior Analysis 


(1995-1996) Richard Fox - Translating the Covenant  


(1996-1997) Marc N. Branch - Behavioral Process in Human and Non-human Animals: How Similar Are They?


(1997-1998) James M. Johnston - Behavior Analysis and the R&D Paradigm 


(1998-1999) Masayo Sato - A New Phase of Behavior Analysis


(1999-2000) Gina Green - Behavior Analysis in the New Age


(2000-2001) Michael Perone - Negative Effects of Positive Reinforcement


(2001-2002) Carol Pilgrim - On Function and Structure and Emergent Behavior


(2002-2003) Jack Marr - The Stitching and the Unstitching: What Can Behavior Analysis Have to Say about Creativity?


(2003-2004) Jay Moore - Behavior Analysis, Mentalism and the Path to Social Justice 


(2004-2005) Linda Hayes - Behaviorism at 100


(2005-2006) Frances McSweeney - Follow Those Data: Ten Lessons in the Science and Application of Behavior Analysis


(2006-2007) Thomas S. Critchfield - Aversively Motivated


(2007-2008) Janet Twyman - How Do We Get There?


(2008-2009) William Heward - Why Be A Behavior Analyst?


(2009-2010) Ray Miltenberger - Why Are We Not Acting to Save Lives?