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Many scholars, including B.F. Skinner, Fred S. Keller, Don M. Baer and   O. Ivar Lovaas, have contributed to a scientific approach to understanding and changing behavior: Behavior Analysis.

This website describes the intellectual journeys of some of the behavior analysts and events that constitute the field's history. Anyone who has documents, pictures, interviews or other materials on the history of behavior analysis is invited to add to this collection of electronic memories.


We invite you to explore the following sections and then join the History Team. 


Interviews with scholars who have contributed to the discipline of Behavior Analysis. They tell us their Personal Histories: how they began,  what it was like to be a behavior analyst in the 20th century, how they see the future of Behavior Analysis. This section also includes historical videos and photos.


of many
behavior analysts 


links to different Areas of Behavior AnalysisIntellectual AncestriesJournalsOrganizations and Publications on the History of Behavior Analysis

links to important events

along the history
of Behavior Analysis 

links to Countries 

where behavior analysts

conduct their research 





More documents, bios, pictures, personal experiences, videos that will tell in even more great details how the Behavior Analysis was born, grew and developed... 




FIND A section you like and add to it, or find something that needs improvement and make the change.


TELL US which interviews you would like subtitled in your language, or MAKE THE SUBTITLES YOURSELF, so that more and more people can appreciate the history of behavior analysis.


SEND US your historical videos of behavior analysts!




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