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Personal Histories (redirected from Videos)





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Paul Andronis Interview [subtitles in English, Icelandic, Italian]  

Interview Transcript  

Teodoro Ayllon

An Interview with Ted Ayllon

Bob Bailey

An Interview with Bob Bailey

William Baum

An Interview with Billy Baum


Giulio Bolacchi

An Interview with Giulio Bolacchi

(Italian language, with English subtitles)  

Joseph V. Brady

An Interview with Joe Brady

Charles Catania

An Interview with Charlie Catania

Mecca Chiesa 

 An Interview with Mecca Chiesa

Aubrey Daniels 

 An Interview with Aubrey Daniels

John Donahoe

An Interview with John Donahoe

Janet Ellis  part 1   part 2 On the History of the Department of Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas

Barbara Etzel 

 An Interview with Barbara Etzel

Edward Feeney 

 An Interview with Edward Feeney

Celia Gerhenson 

 An Interview with Celia Gerhenson

Sigrid Glenn 

 An Interview with Sigrid Glenn

Leonard Green

An Interview with Leonard Green

Philip Hineline 

 An Interview with Phil Hineline

James Holland

An Interview with James Holland


Brian Iwata

An Interview with Brian Iwata

Kent Johnson 

 An Interview with Kent Johnson

Peter Killeen

An Interview with Peter Killeen

Victor Laties 

 An Interview with Victor Laties

Darnell Lattal 

 An Interview with Darnell Lattal

Kennon A. Lattal

An Interview with Andy Lattal

T. V. Joe Layng

 An Interview with Joe Layng

Linda LeBlanc 

 An Interview with Linda LeBlanc


John Lutzker

An Interview with John Lutzker

Richard Malott 

An Interview with Dick Malott

M. Jackson Marr

An Interview with Jack Marr

Roger McIntire

An Interview with Roger McIntire

Francis Mechner 

 An Interview with Francis Mechner

Jack Michael

An Interview with Jack Michael

John C. Moore

An Interview with Jay Moore

Allen Neuringer

An Interview with Allen Neuringer

John A. Nevin

An Interview with Tony Nevin

David Palmer

An Interview with Dave Palmer

Joseph Pear

An Interview with Joe Pear 

Hank S. Pennypacker

An Interview with Hank Pennypacker

Michael Perone

An Interview with Mike Perone

Howard Rachlin

An Interview with Howie Rachlin

Susan Schneider 

 An Interview with Susan Schneider

Murray Sidman

An Interview with Murray Sidman

John E. R. Staddon

An Interview with John Staddon

Beth Sulzer-Azaroff 

 An Interview with Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

Bridget A. Taylor

An Interview with Bridget A. Taylor

Travis Thompson 

 An Interview with Travis Thompson

João Claudio Todorov

An Interview with J.C. Todorov

Julie Vargas

An Interview with Julie Vargas